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"When such beings as these tell me I war with nature, I find no more reason to mourn my opposition to them — or to the order they claim to represent — than Frankenstein’s monster felt in its enmity to the human race. I do not fall from the grace of their company — I roar gleefully away from it like a Harley-straddling, dildo-packing leatherdyke from hell." 

"My Words to Victor Frankenstein…" by Susan Stryker

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The Romantics - Talking in Your Sleep

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"You think you are miserable. Alas! You do not know what misery is. It is to love a woman—to be a priest—to be hated—to love with all the force of your soul—to feel that you would give for the least of her smiles your blood, your life, your character, your salvation, immortality, and eternity, this world and the next—to regret that you are not a king, a genie, an emperor, an archangel, a god, so that you could cast a greater slave at her feet." 

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The Hunchback of Notre-Dame - Victor Hugo - Google Books

"I had a confused notion that a trial would deliver you into my power; that in a prison I would have you, would hold you; that there you could not escape me. When one is doing evil, it is madness to stop halfway. The extremity of guilt has its delirium of rapture. In prison and on a bed of straw, a priest and a witch could discover delicious pleasures and melt into each other’s arms. Therefore I denounced you." 

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The Hunchback of Notre-Dame - Victor Hugo - Google Books

A Leaden Curse 


From the Greek Magical Papyri
PGM XXXVI. 231-55

"Take a lead lamella and inscribe with a bronze stylus the following names and the figure, and after smearing it with blood from a bat, roll up the lamella in the usual fashion. Cut open a frog and put it into its stomach….

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Egon Schiele, The Kiss


Egon Schiele, The Kiss

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""Virginity" is a myth because it is a term that insists on a binary distinction in a world of ambigious definitions. The sorites paradox does not prove that heaps are mythical, just that they are hard to define. Ill-defined heaps still have conceptual significance, usefulness and applicability. However, the sorites paradox does prove that virginity is mythical, because if you cannot define the hard edges of that term, if there is no bright line that can be drawn, then the notion of virginity is fundamentally undermined. Virginity is not conceptually predicated on there being some virgins, some sort-of-virgins and some non-virgins, it derives its entire significance from the misconception that virginity/non-virginity is a binary distinction." 

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the purity myth | MetaFilter





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